Marriage Pact is at the frontier of applying science and technology to serve genuine, meaningful relationships. We're a small (but growing) team building the US's next cultural institution. We're hiring innovative thinkers, initiative-takers, and A+ players who want to change the way technology serves our social lives.


You can be part of the Marriage Pact team in 3 ways:

Core Team (Eg. engineering & product design)

Launch PM Program

Launch your school’s Marriage Pact in particular

There are two things we want to share with you to help you decide if Marriage Pact is the right kind of thing for you:

Our Love Letter to the Future

If there’s someone out there for me, at what moment will our paths cross? When my time is up, will my life have meant something? Could you fall in love with someone before you even know their name? The answers to these questions are within reach.

We aren't content with the way things are. We bet there's a future out there where technologies like big data and AI aren't used for extractive purposes, but instead are used to give people superpowers. Read it here.

Our Values

When we create a Marriage Pact questionnaire, we don’t bother with your interests, hobbies, or favorites—because any relationship can overcome a difference in opinions about which ice cream flavor is best. Instead, the bedrock of sound relationships is compatible values (ie. similar values).

Our values are at the core of who we are and what we do. They should be our go-to whenever we’re not sure about something, and they can be a bedrock for your working relationship with anyone on the team.

Here are our core values at a glance. They’re not in priority order—simply in an order meant to follow their natural place in the creative process.

  1. Ask great questions. Do your utmost to learn, not look smart.
  2. Disagree. Do not compromise for the sake of social cohesion. Hard, but worth it.
  3. Focus on why, not what. Explore ideas with first principles thinking.
  4. Dream big. Seek out reinvention and self-disruption.
  5. Take initiative. Ideas are cheap. At the Marriage Pact, what matters is execution.